Me helping to raise money for a women’s shelter. | An artist traveling the world...

An artist traveling the world...

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Hello there! My name is Krista aka Anesthetic and I'm an MUA, Artist, Model, Journalist, Actress, Stylist and more! I've worked with hit TV networks like the History Channel, and Lifetime, publications like Vogue and Bizarre, independent films, runway, fashion shoots and so much more. I also currently write for two websites, and as a cosmetic blogger and entertainment consultant!

I am constantly learning from others, improving my work and striving to inspire those I meet. I'm fun loving. Addicted to coffee. A feminist, lover of nature, obsessed with natural medicine, cats, and learning to love everyone for their own unique awesomeness.
When I'm not working, which seems like always anymore, I'm digging in my organic garden or seeking out new potential vegan nomnoms in the area.

I'm easy to get along with, and always have an ear open for someone in need.

Anyway, that's enough about me....I guess you'll find out more as you follow my blog!

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Me helping to raise money for a women’s shelter.

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